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XYplorer crack Activation key is a multi-table multi-table file manager for Windows, featuring file search, versatile preview facilities, a highly customizable interface, and a large array of unique ways to efficiently automate recurring tasks. often. XYplorer is a portable file manager. It stores all the data in the program folder, and its operation does not change your system or registry. XYplorer  Keygencontains tabbed browsing, powerful file search, undo or re-upload levels, queued file operations, duplicate file, branch view, folder view settings, rename batch, small tree, user-defined commands, scripting, color filters, reports, and directory printing, file tags, and comments.

XYplorer crack

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XYplorer Serial key builds on the basic and familiar layout of the main window explorer, sidebar, and toolbar, with many customizable features such as tabs and tree views. In fact, there seems to be little about XYplorer Mac that cannot be customized. It adds search, previews, favorites, hotlists, scripting, shortcuts, and many more options for organizing, managing, and accessing your files and folders.

Latest Key Features:

  • It is portable
  • XYplorer is a portable file manager.
  • It does not require any installation,
  • stores all configuration data in the Application Data folder
  • and its operation does not change your system or registry.
  • Take it with you and start with a USB stick. File management to leave.
  • He tabbed
  • Tabs allow you to convert folders easily.
  • Drag them around, hide them, lock them,
  • name them, or leave files on them.
  • Tabs remember their layout individually and in sessions.
  • At the top, you’ll find the set tab and double glazing.
  • It is functional
  • XYplorer is designed to make you faster.
  • Improves the use of Many attractive interfaces
  • Improvements help simplify your workflow and increase your efficiency.
  • You are naturally. It will save you a lot of time.


  • Filter By Properties. You can now filter the list of files with each of the hundreds of object properties available.
  • you can only show those photos with a certain aspect ratio, or only those MP3s from a certain artist.
  • Filter By Lengths. You can now filter the list of files by item name lengths.
  • you can display only those items with 12 characters or less
  • in the name, or only items longer than 259 characters.
  • Focus on the Next Selected Item. wysiwyg web builder
  • You can now assign a keyboard shortcut of your choice to each of the two new commands that move
  • attention to the next or previously selected item.
  • Quite useful to quickly search for currently selected items while giving your mouse a rest.


Last update:

  • Select the Full Name Column. Do you have difficulty hitting the name of a short file mentioned?
  • You now have the option to use the full
  • width of the name column as the click target. They should increase your hits.
  • Change Your Files. There is a new dice-shaped button on the toolbar.
  • If you are feeling lucky and sad at the same time you can use it to
  • shake up your image, sound, or video collections.
  • Recent Post Pin-Fat. Now the current path pin is pulled thicker than the others. So you know where it is at a glance.
  • Quick MIDI Preview. Now the Quick Audio Preview supports MIDI files.
  • Set Extension. The dialog now has a Recently Used List (MRU).
  • Flexible Size Format. This format has been improved to take up less horizontal space in the Size column.
  • Soundtrack compilation. Compiled with music by The Sweet.


  • Super Explorer: The external similarity of XYplorer with Windows Explorer is obvious,
  • but it makes it easier to learn how to use it.
  • You may already have an idea of ​​what Windows wants to do.


  • Most tools can be customized, but few match the XYplorer options.
  • For example, the Customize Tree tool offers ten options, along with a Mini Tree,
  • Lock Tree command, and much more. And this is just trees –
  • the same applies to Folders, Toolbars, and almost everything else in XYplorer.
  • Recent Locations: Clicking Recent Locations shows where you were on your PC
  • very useful for troubleshooting, cleaning, and other PC maintenance.


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System Requirements:

  • Operating Systems: Windows 10, Server 2019,
  • Server 2016, 8.1, 8, Server 2012, 7, Server 2008,
  • Vista, XP, Server 2003; 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
  • Portability: XYplorer is a portable application.
  • It doesn’t require any installation
  • or changes to your system or registry.


  • Freeware similar: Freeware with similar capabilities to XYplorer is not hard to find.
  • Trial Limitations: The free trial version of XYplorer has minor limitations
  • but is still fully functional, although we could not find anything
  • disabled during our trial.
  • It is Portable
  • XYplorer is a portable file manager. It requires no installation,
  • stores all configuration data in the application data folder, and running it
  • does not change your system or registry.
  • Take it with you and start with a USB stick. File management to leave.

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