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Tweak-SSD Crack With Serial Key Latest Version Free Download:


Tweak-SSD License Key aims to help you get the most out of your SSD drive by applying various tweaks designed to maximize its capabilities and increase its speed. In terms of hard drives, SSDs already provides an additional advantage in computing performance, runtime, and power draw, but the Tweak-SSD Serial key is intended to improve its features even further. One of its main advantages is the ease of use, as activating system modifications do not require any advanced computer knowledge. Thanks to the comprehensive wizard that contains automatic suggestions for best confirmation, beginners can follow all steps without getting involved in complicated settings.

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The app comes with several optimization options that you can apply. For example, you can disable the Windows Indexing Service to avoid unnecessary write actions or activate “prefetch” and “Superfetch” technologies, which are primarily intended to solve performance issues on normal hard disks. Keeping essential system files in memory while the system is running can increase your computer’s response time while expanding disk caching capabilities reduces read and write access to the SSD.


  • Optimize and tweak your Windows 7
  • or Windows 8 system to get better SSD performance
  • It includes several tweaks that will improve your SSD drive,
  • making it faster and reducing read and write access
  • An easy tweaking wizard guides
  • you from one disk to another and suggests the best settings
  • Designed for Windows 7
  • and Windows 8 – unlike competitors!
  • Includes TRIM Performance Enhancer
  • Completely free!
  • System tweaks Several SSD related system tweaks are enabled
  • SSD Optimize  Your SSD lives longer with built-in
  • mods to reduce read and write access
  • Easy to use: An intuitive wizard-like the user interface
  • Optimization Wizard Includes a wizard
  • that guides you through the optimization process
  • Intuitive System Status Meter:
  • System Optimization Status Meter for real-time system health information۔

System requirements:

  • Tweak-SSD works on
  • any edition of Windows 7, Windows 8. x,
  • Windows 10 – x86 and x64.
  • Tweak-SSD setup installs the correct version
  • based on your system architecture. SSD drive required.

what’s new?

  • Compared to competing products,
  • Tweak-SSD does not require user knowledge
  • when it comes to activating SSD-related system modifications.
  • The built-in wizard guides the user from disk to disk and suggests
  • the best setup with easy-to-use red and green toggle buttons
  • an additional system-state gauge that shows system optimization status.

Will SSD improve performance?

  • There is no doubt that having an SSD will improve your multitasking performance,
  • but the extent to which it depends on the tasks you perform.
  • While you are opening new tasks and files, the SSD will,
  • of course, speed up this process,
  • but it will also help Windows gain access to its virtual memory file.

PageFile Management:

  • If you have a secondary drive,
  • it is better to put the pagefile on that drive rather
  • than on your SSD. If you do not have a secondary drive,
  • you can reduce the page file size.
  • I won’t go into any small details about what,
  • how, why, and how about in the pagefile.
  • Personally, I disabled the page file and have never encountered any problems since.
  • You may want to do it if you feel it is not necessary
  • but it is more than a virtual ram and so.


tweak-ssd crack serial key tweak-ssd license key

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Click the folder icon on your taskbar.

  • Right-click anywhere on the open window and click properties.
  • On the system windows, click system settings in advance
  • In the System Properties window and under the Previous tab.
  • Click the Settings inside the Performance box.
  • In the Performance Options windows.
  • Click the Advanced tab then click Replace.

Restore Item:

  • Another drop-down option for individual preference.
  • If you want to be in the safe zone and feel
  • that you are going to disrupt your computer soon
  • then do not disable the restore point or simply reduce
  • the size allocated for it. However,
  • if you are someone hard and you can handle your personal computer perfectly.
  • I suggest disabling point restoration and saving your SSD from overwriting and space.

Shut down Hibernate:

  • Hibernate mode is set up automatically to allow the hard drive disk
  • to load programs faster instead of starting the system,
  • but it is not necessary for an SSD system drive as
  • it takes seconds to start from an SSD.
  • Doing so frees up space on your SSD drive.
  • However, the hiberfil.sys file will not be removed
  • if you use Windows settings to disable it.
  • To do this, simply open your CMD command with Administrator privileges and type:
  • powercfg -h off
  • then press Enter.

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